Professional audio analogue and digital multi-track recording, inc. post production is catered for in both of our recording suites:

Studio 1 under construction

All new gear arriving soon.

Focusrite Octopre (Arrived)

Digidesign (Arrived)

Protools (Arrived)

Apple PowerMac G5 (Quad) 2.5GHz (Arrived)

Formac TNX 19" TFT Displays (Arrived)

Genelec (Arrived)

Otari MTR90 II (Arrived)


Studio 2 Multi-track and “Live” recordings catered for.

16 track (simultaneous) digital hard disk recording, using M-Audio Delta 1010 and Edirol 101, computer interfaces.

Software, we cater for Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar 5 (Producer), Reason , Cooledit Pro, Logic Audio , Cubase VST.

Amongst others:


Microphones include :


Toys include: